Status Map - why


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If you define hostextinfo, you can specify in there 2d_coords x_coord,y_coord so that the map can look more legible. But that can be a lot of work, have a look at nagvis: you might like it.


Hello Bantoi,

Looks what I was looking for. Will read the instuction and give a try to see the outcome. any tips and knowlegde and experience on this will be appericiated. I have nagios 3 installed on my machine currently.



Hai all,
Me too very new to nagios, and could some one guide me how statusmap.cgi is created, i could see all other cfg files in /usr/local/nagios/sbin except statusmap.cfg.

Tx in Advance


hello arjun

try, its cool. it takes a while to get used to it with nagios and its not like click next next finish. I recently started on this I am still tuning this and that. but we will get there.