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I have a small problem in my nagios

I am new to Nagios, I install and configure Nagios on Fedora now I was able to add images but the problem I have when I click on “Status Map” all guests are around the node “Nagios” and eventually it becomes too easy.

I would like to know how to set up so that can have an interface like this: … -16619.jpg

i was blocked in this stape 1 week if someone can help me , I will be thankful

Thank you


Sorry, but I didnt understand your question? What you mean by “too easy”?

If you mean, that in your example pic the hosts are “chained”, it will be done by parent- and child -options.

Can you please send pic of your present map, so it will be easier to understand your problem.


check the user coords definiton in the docs.

there was a tool named nagiosmap which helped placing objects on the map an dit run on x server… not sure if it’s still available or managed.