Statusmap.cgi,trends.cgi and histogram.cgi missing


i cannot find statusmap.cgi,trends.cgi and histogram.cgi in my /usr/local/nagios/sbin directory.
i have all the required libraries installed gd,png,jpeg,zlib and their devel directories too.
what does it mean to run make devclean in ur nagios source distribution directory(which directory is that) and then reconfigure???/


did you install from an RPM or compiling by yourself?
the pages you are missing are all using the GD library so possibly there’s your problem.



when you configure and compile nagios, the instructions go something like this.
make install
But if you then later install gd, or something, then you should clean up the source code before running ./configure again.
So, it is suggested that you run
make devclean
before you run ./configure again.
So yea, you have not compiled nagios without errors at this point, so therefor, you don’t have the files you need.
When running ./cofigure pay close attention and it will most likely TELL you that something is missing.