Statusmap icons not working



I’ve got Nagios 3.0.2 on Ubuntu 6.10. Everything seems to be running fine except for the statusmap icons. They all show up in question marks. I’ve read in quite a few posts that I need to edit hostextinfo.cfg in nagios.cfg, but there seems to be no entry for hostextinfo.cfg in nagios.cfg. I’ve also looked for a stand-alone file and couldn’t find that either. Is the configuration different in 3.0.2?

I appreciate all the help. Thanks.



your hostextinfo.cfg must look like this…

define hostextinfo{
host_name router
icon_image cisco7206.png
icon_image_alt CISCO 7200 series
vrml_image cisco7206.png
statusmap_image cisco7206.gd2
2d_coords 450,1100
3d_coords 200.0,150.0,175.0

for the icon try t use .png .jpg .gif and note when your editing your hostextinfo.cfg be sure to look the name of the file e.g the name of the files is cisco.PNG (capital) but you put in the hostextinfo .cfg cisco.png definitely its not working… i try its sometimes… so be careful…

hope it helps…


Dar - C


Thanks. So I’m supposed to CREATE the hostextinfo.cfg file? Because it doesn’t exist.


Yes, you make a file with a bunch of entries like Dar-C said, then reference that file in your nagios.cfg. You’ll see a list of included config files (like services.cfg, hosts,cfg, etc etc) already in your nagios.cfg file. Just throw hostextinfo.cfg in the same format below the others. … ostextinfo


Thanks folks! I got it working. I am having trouble finding a variable that works for a template. For example; I’d like to be able to just specify the host template to use “linux-server, windows-server, osx-server, etc” … is this even possible? I can’t imagine you would have to specify it for every single host. I looked at the link there in the above post and couldn’t find much about it.