i know that this thread has been dealed with several times, but it didn’t help me to find a solution.

i don’t understand why i can put an icon near the hosts but nor in the statusmap.

is there something special i have to do?

my definition of hostextinfo is as below:
define hostextinfo{
host_name cassrvghost
icon_image next.png
icon_image_alt next.jpg
vrml_image next.jpg
statusmap_image next.jpg
2d_coords 250,450
3d_coords 100.0,50.0,75.0

thanks to help


this is what mine looks like and work great…

define hostextinfo{
host_name Suse
icon_image linux40.png
icon_image_alt SuSE 9.2 Pro
vrml_image linux40.png
statusmap_image linux40.gd2


define hostextinfo {
host_name HR-RF-Wavespan-2-rf0
icon_image antenna.gif
gd2_image antenna.gd2
2d_coords 4550,365

Try using gd2_image instead of statusmap_image.


thanks a lot for the input,
i’ve tried gd2_image instead of statusmap_image but it does not change a clue.


You may want this for the future anyway, so why don’t you try to get nagiosmap running, and that way, it will let you pick and choose what icons to use for each host. It will come in handy later on anyhow, so check it out.


please check to see if your images are in the folder /images/logos
Also, trying changing the permissions on the images.
I had this problem and on changing the permissions it solved the problem


thanks a lot for the reply…
the permissions are OK, i have the right to read the images.
for nagiosmap i don’t know where i can get it except from nagiosexchange as i can’t acced to it as the policy is denied from my net provider.
can u give me another link to get it?
many thanks!


nagiosmap is a perl/tk script so I’ll just post the code here.


oops, change to


Right clik on link above, select save as…

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Many thanks…
it seems that with nagiosmap we can do a lot for the 2-D view.
but i really have no idea how things must be done.
where should I put, how to say to nagios to look at it…



nagios doesn’t look at nagiosmap. It’s a tool to help you move your hosts around on a 2d grid so that your map looks just the way YOU want it to look. It also will allow you to pick and choose what icons you want to use for each host. That’s why I thought you should try it out.


not having a graphical console on my server… trying to run it on ssh via remote X-server doesn’t seem to work… anybody made it?

Thx in advance, Luca


You can run the app on any machine with a Xserver. You only need to provide the hosts.cfg and hostextinfo.cfg file plus the icons location. All of that can be just copied over and then copied back once you have saved the new info from nagiosmap.


thought of that too tonight… :slight_smile:

Thanks, Luca


tried nagiosmap, finally… but no luck… after installing everything required it reads the hosts.cfg file but hangs on "Please wait while reading hostextinfo.cfg …"
any ideas? a quick search in google gave me no answers…



permissions on the hostextinfo file? if I’m not mistaken, you can start with a blank hostextinfo.cfg file and then when you are done moving hosts around, it will write a nice clean fresh one. So just remove everything from that file.


i’ll give it a try, thanks :slight_smile:



nothing… it hangs on "Please wait while reading hostextinfo.cfg…"
I tried changing permissions to 777 just to be sure… but to no help…



I know nagiosmap was tricky to compile, since it need alot of stuff. Did you have any trouble compiling?
Did you check the settings in
my $imgpath="/usr/local/nagios/share/images/logos/“
my $cfgpath=”/usr/local/nagios/etc"

There may be something it doesn’t like in the hosts or hostextinfo file, so try this. Create a blank hostextinfo.cfg and a hoststest.cfg with only one host entry and give that a try.


hmmm i’m missing only the FIleDialog… (not needed in last version)… no luck yet… even tried a couple of live distros i had around but with no luck.

compiling? why? i run “perl”…
am I missing something here?

Thank you, Luca