[sticky] nagcon


Nagcon is a console application interfacing to Nagios 2.0 which gives you an overview of all services with troubled services.

website: vanheusden.com/nagcon/
author: Folkert van Heusden


Bah! I thought this was going to be a Nagios convention where we could all meet up… :smiley:


Redrom is hereby voluntering to host the first NagCon meeting in his backyard on February 30th, 2006! 8)


I am across the pond, HOWEVER: we have turntables, 3000 watts of awesome sound, a huge back yard, and last but not least - a BEER FRIDGE IN THE GARAGE… (the power of beer compels you)

Bring the Nageeks on. :slight_smile:


Well we -could- just meet up at the Nag-con in Nurnberg later this year. I’m up for it and have already taken measures ensuring my presence.


Do you have a URL and/or any other info on this Nurnberg event? 8)


Yah, that would be nagiosconference.de. It’s been linked on the Nagios Exchange main page for months now :smiley:

I’ll be heading over there by car, which is a seven hours drive (since I usually don’t exceed speed limits and I take breaks along the way as well). My company’ll be paying for the hotel+registration fee, so I’m lucky.

Now I’ll just have to polish my german a bit, since it’s been a while <3