Stopping notifications for services/hosts that are down


I am very new to Nagios, so please fogive me if this is a stupid question…

I have Nagios set up now to simply ping my Cisco switches to check for availabilty and then to email me when problems occur. It’s working very well so far, but I have one question.

Yesterday we took two of these switches out of service for a few weeks. Ever since then, I get notified every 30 minutes that they are down, despite having told Nagios to disable active checks, disable notifications, etc. I tried everything I could think of from the web gui to stop these alerts, but they keep coming. What is the **proper **way to deal with this in Nagios?

I know I have a lot more to learn about Nagios, but I’d appreciate it if someone could steer me in the right direction on this one.

Thanks very much.




for me, the best way to stop a notification is to “schedule a downtime”; that’s the way I prefer: the checks are still done by nagios, the status is still being updated, but nagios doesn’t send notifications :slight_smile:


I have actually tried that too, but to no avail. Perhaps I didn’t do it correctly… I’ll revisit that and see.



I just looked at my event log and noticed that I have tons of log entries like the one below, for various hosts and services:

06-26-2008 11:12:25] Warning: The check of host ‘smh4b’ looks like it was orphaned (results never came back). I’m scheduling an immediate check of the host…

What does this mean? Is my system too busy to complete the checks as cofnigured? Do think this is why I still get otifications?



I’ve never seen these problems, so I won’t be of any help…

but, you may want to have a loot at: … c.php?1580


Thanks for your help, but I think I foudn my problem… it seems that I was running two instances of nagios instead of one. I restarted the system and recereated the downtimes for the two switches and now I no longer get notifcations, as expected. Whew.

Thanks again.