Strange host behavior


Hi All,

I’ve got nagios 2.5 installed and am in the process of adding hosts and hostgroups. If I understand correctly, if when I define a host I included a hostgroup entry in the hosts.cfg file that I do not need to include a members entry in my hostgroup.cfg file, is that correct? Here is what I am seeing, when I go to the host group overview in my browser, I see all the host groups that I have defined. However they are all empty with the exception of one server that I have defined. And it is in the correct host group. It gets even stranger. Sometimes I do see all the hosts in the correct hostgroups on that page. Now if I go to host detail view, I can see all of my hosts.

Anyone have any idea’s, I’ve been working on this for weeks and have not found a solution. BTW, if I do add a members line in my hostgroup.cfg file, it does not make any difference either.

Any thoughts, idea’s I’d greatly appreciate.



nagios sometimes leaves a running proccess when you do a nagios restart. Therefor, never do a restart. ONLY do a reload or a stop/start.
So, for now, you must kill the bogus running nagios like this:
/etc/rc.d/init.d/nagios stop
ps -ef|grep nagios
kill any that remain.
ps -ef|grep nagios
make sure they are all dead.
now start nagios, and never use restart ever again.
Your definitions should now take affect and be seen correctly on the cgi pages.