Suggestion of dashboard systems


Dear all,

I´m implementing Nagios in my network, and I would like to install an Dashboard application to view the part of Problems of Nagios, besides others interesting web applications in the same monitor, that will change automatically after some seconds.

I´m find out for some application with this feature, and a friend recommended me the software IP Dashboard Monitor from What´s up company.

Do you know some other application that could I use to do it?

Thank you for your attention.

Emerson Candido


i think we had this recently with somebody else…

why don’t you just create an external webpage which binds in some IFRAME and switches from one page to the other every x seconds? it’s quite simple to do it with some php and javascript.


Hello Luca,

Thank you for your tips, but I´ll use the IP Dashboard Network Monitor, that´s a software from What´s up product.