Temperature monitor for cisco kit


Morning all
I hope this is the correct place for this. I have a few cisco switches and routers that support the sh env command. These devices do show the current temp and not just the OK that some kit does. I have had a go with a few checks and the best I can get is it to tell me that the system is OK and I cant get it to read the actual temp value.
I have had a go with the following check commands check_snmp_temperature.pl and check_cisco_envmon.0.3.pl.
I have no luck with the check_snmp_temperature.pl but the check_cisco_envmon.0.3.pl I had some sucsess as below.

[root@netmon libexec]# ./check_cisco_envmon.0.3.pl -H -C
OK - Environment checks return all normal.

The device im talking to is a cisco 3750G and below is what I can get from it on the console
DL-WC1-Rack6-3750-SW1>sh env all
Temperature Value: 46 Degree Celsius
Temperature State: GREEN
Yellow Threshold : 56 Degree Celsius
Red Threshold : 66 Degree Celsius

I would like to be able to have nagios alert when the device hits the yellow threshold and it would also be nice to be able to graph all the data as we do have issues with this location and its temp. These is also a Cisco 4006 in there which can also show the values.
Chassis Temperature = 40 degrees Celsius
Chassis Over Temperature Threshold = 75 degrees Celsius
Chassis Critical Temperature Threshold = 95 degrees Celsius

I would need to change the values so all the kit is the same.

If anyone can help I would be great full