Template black or


I have made few different nagios installations.
But still I dont understand why Nagios web is just a
not so pretty style, the black one.
And sometimes the nice one, kind of gray with nice left menus.
Is it just a different css ? how can I upgrade the black one?

attached both images I refer to



1207046536_10326_FT10498_nagiosstyle.zip (57.5 KB)


hum… lost my post… quick reply works?

Backup index.html,main.html,side.html and all stylesheets dir
cd /usr/local/nagios/share

wget xoroz.com/files/nagiosstyle.zip

unzip nagiosstyle.zip

Set the permissions

chown nagios:nagios .

chown nagios:nagios -R side

chown nagios:nagios -R stylesheet

Edit the config.js with your correct cgi-bin

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart


is this for changing the nagios page ?