Temptraxe Plugin - Performance Monitoring


Am using Nagios v2 with the Perfparse performance monitoring and graphic plugin.

Was wondering if anyone had had any experience getting performance data out of the plugins for the Temptraxe ethernet temperature/environmental monitor ?

I would have though it was a natural candidate for wanting to monitor and graph. Unfortunately the developer site is completely in German, with no options I can find for automatic translation (only speak English and French).

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks all.



The best to get that working is through SNMP. The TempTrax plugin will only get temperature from the probes. Do an snmpwalk on the probes, and you can find the oids you want.


Thanks for your reply.

Not sure if we may be at cross purposes here. The versions of the TemptraxE monitors I use only provide temperature, which I’m happy with. What I’m finding is that the results from some plugs appear to be classed as ‘performance data’ … which, I guess, means they have a tag on them saying the numeric results can be used by things like Perfparse and so on. The temptrax plugin ones don’t appear to have this same tag. Am I missing something ?

Does the SNMP plugin have this ‘performance data’ tag ? Am going to have to investigate SNMP more seriously as I know very little about it at the moment.

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Neither method of quering the probe will have any data other than the temperature. You can check the output of the temptrax plugin by running it from the command line. I have never used Perfparse, so I don’t know how the data would work with it. However, I do use the Temptrax data with Cacti without any problems.


Most plugins don’t ouput perf data, only the standard output. I nagiostat can use either the “output” or the “performance data” or both. I don’t know if perfparse can do that. You can tell if the plugin gives both by looking at the output it gives. i.e.
./check_ping -H localhost -w 10,10% -c 20,20%
PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 0.04 ms
The above plugin has no perf data.
./check_fping -H localhost -w 10,10% -c 20,20%
FPING OK - localhost (loss=0%, rta=0.040000 ms)|loss=0%;10;20;0;100 rta=0.000040s;0.010000;0.020000;0.000000
The fping plugin does have perf data, and is seen after the | pipe character.


Fantastic … I wasn’t sure how the performance data was represented in the output of the plugin. Unfortunately, I believe that means the temptraxe plugin wasn’t written to produce it. I don’t have the programming skills to make that modification myself sadly. Perfparse relies on the performance data formatted output.
Many thanks for your help.


That is the exact reason why I use nagiostat for all of my graphs. It can use either one.
If you are going to use nagiostat in v2.x then see my sticky on top about 2.0 doc problems. You have to fix nagiostat to work with v2.x. Real easy to fix.