The web Page list Hosts in a PENDING status


I am running Naigos 3.2.1 . The web page shows all my hosts in a Pending status. When you click on the hosts all of the services are up and green but from the intial web page everything is in a Gray PENDING Status. The next check time is correct and the Last check time shows that the hosts have been checked/monitored but the status never changes from PENDING . What do I need set or reset to get things all green again.

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ISSUE Resolved

I was able to fix my problem and get everything working and green again by configuring a **check-host-alive **command in the generic host template. In the /usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/templated.cfg file.

define host{ name generic-host ; The name of this host template notifications_enabled 1 ; Host notifications are enabled event_handler_enabled 1 ; Host event handler is enabled flap_detection_enabled 1 ; Flap detection is enabled failure_prediction_enabled 1 ; Failure prediction is enabled process_perf_data 1 ; Process performance data retain_status_information 1 ; Retain status information across program restarts retain_nonstatus_information 1 ; Retain non-status information across program restarts check_command check-host-alive max_check_attempts 5 check_period 24x7 check_interval 1 notification_interval 0 notification_period 24x7 notification_options d,r register 0 ; }

All is well again :[attachment=0]4-17-2010 8-43-37 PM.png[/attachment]