Time period problem


I am having problems getting time periods to act like I need them to.

I think my intent is readable from the configs below, but nagios is not acting like I wish (afterhours is 24x7 instead of what it should be)

It doesn’t seem like excludes are working properly.
Anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this while maintaining modularity? (I don’t want to have to update multiple time periods for 1 change)

define timeperiod{
        name            24x7
        timeperiod_name 24x7
        alias           24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week
        sunday          00:00-24:00
        monday          00:00-24:00
        tuesday         00:00-24:00
        wednesday       00:00-24:00
        thursday        00:00-24:00
        friday          00:00-24:00
        saturday        00:00-24:00

define timeperiod{
        name                    cc-holidays
        timeperiod_name         cc-holidays
        alias                   CC Holidays

        january 1               00:00-24:00     ; New Years
        monday -1 may           00:00-24:00     ; Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
        july 4                  00:00-24:00     ; Independence Day
        monday 1 september      00:00-24:00     ; Labor Day (first Monday in September)
        thursday -1 november    00:00-24:00     ; Thanksgiving (last Thursday in November)
        december 25             00:00-24:00     ; Christmas

define timeperiod{
        timeperiod_name cc_sans_holidays
        alias           Work Hours Sans Holidays

        use             cc-workhours
        exclude         cc-holidays                ; Get holiday exceptions from other timeperiod

define timeperiod{
        timeperiod_name afterhours
        alias           Non Working Hours

        use             24x7
        exclude         cc_sans_holidays

define timeperiod{
        name            cc-workhours
        timeperiod_name cc-workhours
        alias           Call Center Schedule
        sunday          09:00-17:00
        monday          07:00-23:00
        tuesday         07:00-23:00
        wednesday       07:00-23:00
        thursday        07:00-23:00
        friday          07:00-23:00
        saturday        09:00-17:00