Timezone problems with Nagios


I’ve been very impressed with my short introduction to Nagios, but have run into a problem while trying to monitor a Windows client with NSClient++. Although all of the various checks performed on the client return OK, the client status is permenently listed as Pending. After a bit more checking, I’ve come to believe that this might be related to the fact that Nagios insists on running two hours behind me.

The timezone configured on the server (and verified with ‘ls -l /etc/localtime’) is Africa/Johannesburg, and I even specified this in the nagios.cfg file (‘use_timezone=Africa/Johannesburg’ and subsequently in httpd.conf within the braces with ‘SetEnv TZ “Africa/Johannesburg”’, to no avail. As it stands now, I’ve removed those directives (since Nagios should take it’s environment from the system anyway), and Nagios still insists that it’s running GMT, two hours behind me, following -HUPs to Nagios and Apache.

What else should I be looking at?