Too Many Systems For Just One Nagios


I need some ideas for my monitoring system layout; Currently i have 5 different nagios servers watching 900 servers. These systems are spread out between 3 data centers that are local to the main office here; bandwidth is not a problem we have multiple 10gig circuts inter-connecting them. i have tried to have one nagios box watch all servers but ran into the problem of round trip time on getting all service check status’s.

The question: " Is there a program that will pull status information from all nagios servers and put it in one place?"

Any help is welcome


how about exporting it to a MySQL db with ndoutils? :roll:


How about doing Nagios distributed monitoring with NSCA? Have the other systems send passive alerts to the main system which does the notifications.

There is also this, if all the servers have access to all the devices… I have not used this so can’t comment on it.

Regarding the SQL method, does anyone know of an application that can display nagios data from the NDO dump to SQL’?