Trends error


Trying to pull up a Trend view on a service for a non-default time period I get a page back saying I’m not authorized to view information for the specified service. Some quick googling reveals this is a known issue and reverting back to a previous trends.cgi file should fix the problem. Issue I have is that I don’t have a previous trends.cgi file to fall back on… This is the first time I’ve set up and run Nagios. I’m still fairly new to working around a Linux environment, and I do like Nagios… How can I get a previous generation of the trends.cgi file?


I was using Nagios 3.0.2 and the problem went away when I moved up to Nagios 3.0.6. Now that it’s working, I’ll keep the 3.0.6 source files on hand so if I run into similar problems in the future I can revert to a previous version if there’s issues with a new version.