Trouble with configuration of check_ping



I set up Nagios on a machine at my office to monitor our five linux printservers, and our three Novell servers.
My problem is as follows:

When I look at the “host details” part in the html interface of Nagios, I read “check_ping: %s: Warning threshold must be integer or percentage”.
But when I look at the service details, it says that the ping is ok, and the loss is 0% or something like this.

The “last check” entry is also very strange to me; first, it was somethin in march 06 (when I first experimented with Nagios), now it says something like “August 17th”, although it is run almost daily.

I know that the fault is probably some setting I did wrong, since I am no Linux or networking expert; but I read the documentation a lot, and checked the cfg files all over - but still I do not know why Nagios reports what it reports.

Can anyone help me? I would really appreciate help =)




Nagios does NOT perform HOST checks on a scheduled basis, unless you really want it to. But you should never do that. So, your error, check_ping: %s: Warning threshold must be integer or percentage". is due to your configs.
WHat do you have defined as your host check. What does that defintion look like in checkcommands.cfg?


thanks for your reply.

I did not know that thing about the host checks. That was helpful; must have overread it in the documentation or something.

What I also found is that I configured the host-checks stupidly, because I forgot to add parameters to the check command.
But I always looked in the services.cfg, and there were parameters; so it took some time to find this mistake =)

Now I entered very very fast latency as threshold - and it worked; I got a warning =)

Thankyou again for your help,
I will get back if anything else strange turns up =) (only a matter of time :wink: ).