Trying to configure Nagios for SQL server please help


Hi everyone

I am trying to setup Nagios monitoring for SQL server, I was wondering if anyone can guide me through the process from the very start to finish, what needs doing etc. Basically, what I am looking to do is get Nagios to call scripts on Linux which in turn calls a stored procedure on SQL server, this SQL server stored procedure will return a value single column, say 1 or 0. If its 0 alert that something is wrong, if its 1 alert that all is fine.

How can I do this and what needs installing ?

Thanks in advance.


can you call your stored procedure from the shell? if yes you can create a plugin which calls this procedure…


how will i do this on Linux onto SQL server microsoft ? I have seen code online, but just dont know which to use


MSSQL? no idea… you’ll have to search… i personally don’t even know if NSClient++ can be used to execute code, but that may be done with a scehduled task…