Two nagios servers monitoring same hosts?


I want to set up two nagios servers. Both servers should monitor several same hosts and services.
One would be primary and the other secondary.
The secondary server would check defined hosts and services only in case when the primary server is down. I suggest that on secondary nagios server will be defined service that would check availibility of primary server and in case when the primary server is down the secondary server would start to check defined hosts and services.
Is it possible to set up nagios this way?

Thanks for help.


Well, you are on your own as far as the logic to hold down the standby server, and keep the two configs in sync is concerned. My quick suggestion would be to operate both Nagios instances in parallel, and send notifications to /dev/null on the standby machine unless the primary is down. Then you will have the advantages of having two sets of logs, etc, which should look the same. That is what I have done in the past.