Unable to grab stats on Window's D: drive


I’m currently running the latest version of Nagios, 3.2.0 core

I have a Windows Exchange Server where I installed the NSClient++ to monitor performance, database drives, etc… I can grab information for all the drives except the D: drive. I’ll try to attach an image.



First guess, the D drive is your optical drive… try putting a disk in it.

Can you give us more information about the drive, what’s on it the filesystem type(FAT/NTFS/linux/unix/iso/ufs). Where is it physically located is it RAID what type of fabric(SATA/SAS/FC/USB/1394).

Try and provide more information then I’ve asked for, think real hard about what no matter how trivial makes your configuration special.


First off this is a VMware machine, and the ‘D:’ drive is a Virtual disk carved out of a SAN block.

If it were a vmware issue i’d assume it would have issues pulling information from the C: E: F: drives but that’s not the case.