Unable to install rrd tool


I have configured and installed nagios, nagios plugins, ndoutlils and nrpe. now i want to add graphs to it. So i tried to install rrd tools but did not suceed.

When ever i give ./configure its saying that some libraries are missing. Although i installed some i am not getting my work done.

Please help me in suggesting the library names that i need to install and the way to install rrd tools.

Please help me in configuring nagios to rrd tool so that i can see graphs on my UI.



Hi 512

Just been through the exact same pain myself attempting to install the latest version 1.3.3 and installing libraries which were not being recognised. In the end I gave up and installed v 1.2.26 and it was a lot less painful.




I echo Strides comment…
Spent hours trying to resolve the dependency issues for
Solaris 10…
Went back to 1.2.x



Thanks, for your suggestion. I will try the older version now.