Undeterminated time in a report


Hi all,

I did a little mistake…

I changed the name of the host in my configuration and I notice that when I try to check the statistics no nagios put some data’s like ‘undeterminated’ bacause it thinks it’s a new checks…

Is there anythink that I can do to change the statistics and set nagios that this undeterminated tima is shown like ‘time up’ in the statistic for the last 7 days?



You mean on the Trends -> Reporting and that Indeterminate thingy?

I don’t think you could change that. Maybe with some hacking, but I can’t think of the way to achieve to change those. 'Cause, when you change the hostname, Nagios assumes it is a new host when you change it’s ip address or hostname and then it starts to collect data from the scratch.


Yes I mean the ‘availability’ report on reporting blocks…:frowning:


Hm, I’not sure from where it gets the info. I can assume it takes it from log files. One thing you could try if that is the case is to backup all your logs, then edit every log file and replace the old name of the host to new (changed name) wherever it occurs in log files. Have Nagios process stopped if you will be doing that. Maybe that would do what you want. It’s a dirty trick and the responsability is on your own. Backup everthing first, those are log files and might be considered a lower importance, but everything is important for Nagios to work fine. Don’t do it if you’re not sure what you’re doing. If that doesn’t work, just return backup log files and try to find the other solution. If I find something on the issue or think of something else, I will post it here


Yes I think that backup the log files is the best way.
Do you know if there is some program that can take this logs and making a databases?


There is some Nagios database version, but I haven’t found any official release (if anyone knows something I don’t know, pls, correct my reply). You can try to search Nagios database on search engines.


Thanks a lot! I wil do now!