Uninstalling Nagios


Hello there,

I would like to know how to uninstall Nagios from my system.
I installed it at first from an RPM (I wish I could doubt about it before), and now there is no way to make Nagios work.

Meaning, the prog will always try to find the configs in /etc/nagios (just like the RPM places them). The RPMs do not work for the web(and they do not say this anywhere at the download page, THANKS)… so I had to try to install from the source. It was installed, everything working right, just until I tried to start it and it said it could not read from /etc/lalalala.

I am so dissapointed with this crap. I hope one of you can help me out, as I want to clean the system from this, and forget it exists :wink:

Though it is a nice system, the author is right about it when he says that for most people Nagios is not worth the time we spend on the config. :wink:

Thanks in advance, guys.


To remove any rpm, read the manpage for rpm, and you will see the sytax needed.
To remove nagios installed from source install, just delete the directory /usr/local/nagios.
I am monitoring over 1000 services with nagios, and it has saved us countless hours of downtime. I fail to see how that was a waste of time.

A nagios compile/install is not that hard.