Uninstalling nagios



unfortunately im at wits end with this, have spent close to 3 full days and i want to remove nagios. I can’t find an uninstall script - nor is it explained in the documentation how to unistall.

How do I uninstall?



You’re going to give up on Nagios after three days? You’re gonna have to devote more time to learning this than that. Nagios can be a powerful aid, but it’s nothing you’re going to get the hang of overnight, and it looks like that’s what you’re expecting. I’ve been using Nagios for three months already and there’s so much I don’t know. It took me about two weeks to really get it generally working the way I wanted it to.

I would seriously recommend you stick with it a while longer. The time investment is well worth it.


Anywhos, most of Nagios is conveniently located inside /usr/local/nagios. If you’re dead-set on removing Naigos, then running these commands should get rid of most of it…

rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty /usr/local/nagios (I assume here, of course, that your system’s rmdir command will work with that option)
rm /etc/init.d/nagios

Then you’ll need to go into your httpd.conf file (assuming you tried to get things set up for the web interface) and remove the lines concerning the ScriptAlias for your CGI’s and the Alias for your /usr/local/nagios/share directory.

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Due to the simple fact that you asked this question, leads me to believe you are not a linux expert. I’d suggest you start the installation again from the beginning, and this time, follow the documentation step by step.

Installing nagios, can be a great learning tool for a linux newcomer.


ok, you guys convinced me! im gonna stick it out and hope to have this up and running…problem is my boss wants it ready to go for monday night.

thanks for all your help.


Is your boss a Linux expert? Tell him if he wants it done by Monday, he should do it himself.

Hah, right.

Let us know what more help you need. We’ll be checking your other threads.
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how to uninstall nagios?