Upgrade old version to 2.0 stable

[left]hi to all,
I have an older version of nagios that was compiled manually.
Now i want to install the stable version, what’s the best way to upgrade nagios?
If i use RPMs how can i uninstall previous version? or i can’t use rpms and have to use update-version script (works well?) ?

thanks in advance


don’t use the rpm versions…
you would have more problems later on because of files in diferrent positions… it’s simply not worth it.

Make a backup of your nagios directory and of the /etc/init.d/nagios file.

install the new nagios put the cfg files back in (check the thread about nbagios 2 documentation problems) and run your new install.


[left]I never upgraded a package compiled manually.
For installing newer version, i have to delete manually each files?
Or there’s a command that do it for me?

thaks for your reply…


simply use a different instalation directory (prefix in the configure options) like nagios2… when nagios 2 is runnign you can completely remove the old install… this is how i didi my first 1.3 - 2 upgrade…

THis way you can keep your old nagios running while upgrading. Just be sure to keep a record of what differences you have to the documentation.


thanks you Luca!

your help was very useful!