Upgrading frm netsaint 0.0.6 to nagios 2.0


Hi There,

I would like to know if i can use the configs in netsaint 0.0.6 for nagios 2.0 , this is because the system was not updated and when i joined i realised that it was old… too old… so can i copy the configs when i upgrade to nagios 2.0? or is there any modification to be done. Is there a tool which can do this, as there are too many hosts here and going through one by one is a pain in the rear…



If you haven’t figred it out yet, No you can’t use them. I had to write a new config files when I upgraded from Netsaint to Nagios 1.0. Now I have to make some changes to my config files when upgrading to nagios 2.0