Upgrading nagios on a debian server (server and plugin-serve


I’m upgrading my nagios testserver from woody to sarge. The server is easily upgraded but the plug-server running on the remote hosts is not the same version (nrpe).
The nrpe-server on the remote client complains about the packet size.
nrpe on the server is version 2.0 (sarge)
nrpe on the remote server is version 1.2.4 (woody)
It now compalins about the packet size. I think the version must be the same?

Anybody who can give me some pointers to get me on my way? What would be the best way to make it work?

I can only guess, but it looks like you would want the same version’s on both ends.

Thanks for your feedback.

I think I found a solution, but I don’t know if it is the most elegent one.

On the woody machine which i don’t want to upgrade right away, i installed a nrpe-2.0 daemon (compiled it myself). Now the communication works over SSL.

I needed to change the config file (added nrpe_user, nrpe_group) and the commandline of nrpe was changed (from ‘nrpe -d /etc/nrpe.cfg’ to ‘nrpe -c /etc/nrpe.cfg -d’).

After having done this. Most things seemed to work.