URGENT: Paid help with install

Can you install nagios on a server so I can then just add my servers i wish to monitor.

I tried installing - but getting config errors.

Just want to pay someone now - needs doing today!!!


Sorry can’t help you… not today… anyway on the nagios main homepage there is a reference to nagios install support services.


Hah, well, nobody knows where you are, and it’ll involve a little more than just typing in a server name when you want to add a service or host for Nagios to monitor. You’ll actually have to learn Nagios if you want to be able to successfully modify and use it.

Anyways, the most we can do is help you based on your config errors…which you haven’t posted. Post something. Give us something to work with here.

It wouldn’t be all that hard for you to add hosts in the future, since you could then duplicate what has been done already by the person who installs it for you.
I’d be happy to try it, but it appears that I have already missed your deadline.