Use of Greek unicode characters in Nagios v3.0.2 on Suse 10


In my nagios installation i use greek utf-8 characters for the names of some hosts. The names appear correctly to the various host related pages (i.e.Host Detail, Hostgroup Overview, Hostgroup Grid etc). However If you press the respective links (under the hostname), the host parameters passed to the cgi,s leading to the next pages are corrupted (insttead of the characters of the hostname you get a string consisting of an equal number of '+'s). The problem only occurs to the hosts with greek unicode names, the other ones work properly.

Did this occur to anyone else? Is there a workaround/patch for this?
Any help appreciated.


Browsing through the nagios source code i thing that the “problem” occurs at the url_encode() function (declared at the cgiutils.c file) that is used to encode any special characters in the cgi parameters to the URL format.

As long as i can see it retains the values of ASCII alphanumeric characters and converts any character (byte) with value <= 0x20 (=32 decimal) to a ‘+’. The rest of the bytes are represented with their hex values.

Obviously the greek unicode (multibyte) characters are considered <= 0x20 and are converted to ‘+’

Is there a utf_8 compatible version of this routine?