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I configured nagios and now i want my colleagues to start using it.
Because I know everything about the nagios system will everyone with questions come to me if they want to know something .
What I


I’m guessing you’ve been through … nagios.doc might be good as a starting point.

I guess there’s no general manual as the system is always kinda baspoke for each location. I wrote something for the more technical guys here - it’s nothing special but if you want a copy then drop me a mail.



well its more like the simple things of where to find the information on nagios, I could write something myself but I think its not good, considering the amount of people that use this application that there is no user manual.

I have 20 colleagues around me that could have benefit by using nagios, a simple user manual including what the program is capable of and how to use the application is something which would be very helpful to have.

Guess i could better write one myself and purplish a link of the document for other people that would like to have one.

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I suppose that is a shortcoming, but from a technical viewpoint, it seems to be self explanatory.
Status map shows the entire layout in a map type view.
Service problems shows, well uhhhh, service problems. hehe, and so on. I fail to see the need for such a manual.


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Well it is a very simple thing and it is maybe not needed in the most cases but in my case it


Ahh, gotta love corporate policy don’t you.

Perhaps you could modify the nagios documentation html to say “User Manual” instead of “Documentation” for the index page, and then pretend that this is the user manual.


you think i just make one to have one.
that not true , i dont want everyone to keep asking how it works and thats why i just want a user manual.
but i already made one myself so i dont need it anymore