Using avail.cgi From the Command Line


Greetings, all:

I'm looking to pull information from Nagios' avail.cgi application from the command line. I read somewhere that I need to set the QUERY_STRING environment variable (easy enough done...), but I cannot find any documentation on what to put in there to automate the export of that data. The goal is to extract the uptime percentage for the last week, month, and year for all hosts that are monitored via Nagios. Any help is greatly appreciated!



I have written a full fledged command line utility in perl using nagios-object cpan module. nagios-object cpan module has a lot of bug, so I had to fix them myself. I submitted patches to nagios-object cpan module maintainer. I am not sure what would be the best place to publish this. I can put this up in nagios exchange site. Let me know if you are interested in this.


Hi shadhin71,

Does your solution work for Nagios 2.10? Can you send me the link to where I can get a copy of the solution you’ve created?