Using check_nt for MailQ in Exchange 2000


Any ideas on how to use check_nt (nsclient) to monitor the MailQ on a MS Exchange 2000 server? I’ve tried to figure it out and so far haven’t been able to deduce if it is even possible.


If you type in the command without any parameters, it gives you a list of options that are available with that command. I’m not familiar with MailQ so I wouldn’t know what options to use, but perhaps you could try that?

I doubt you will get much to work with exchange, since Microsoft doesn’t like to share much with anyone but microsoft products. I am able to use linux evolution with exchange by using the evolution-connector plugin though, so it might not be impossible. Sorry, but I have no time to test all the plugins to see which one would work for you.

SonOfThunder, MailQ is only for checking the Linux MailQ and doesn’t work with exchange.

jakkedup, found the answer on a Cacti forum.

You can sue the COUNTER argument to check the MailQ in the server performance monitor (PerfMon Counters). Off the top of my head the counter is something like \MSExchangeIS\Mail Queue (or similar)
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check for the double backslashes needed and pay attention if you are using a localized version of windows :wink:
With NTClient you can check anything you can find in your windows performance monitor.