Using multiple notification methods at once?


Hi All,

I’d like to setup Nagios in such a way that during business hours all notifications will be sent through jabber and after hours/weekend critical systems through SMS. I believe this is possible if I:

  1. Setup multiple multiple services for each type of service (i.e. HTTP) each with it’s own notification and time interval (say http_low /w work_hours and interval=0, and http_crit /w 24/7 and interval>0)

  2. Setup multiple contacts for the same person /w different contact methods and make them members of different groups (i.e. contact_work /w jabber notification and contact_home /w sms notification and admin_work and admin_home groups)

  3. Setup escalations to go from one group to another (may not be needed if I just assign both groups to the host/service and don’t have the contacts hours overlap?)

Would this work? Is there a better way? This seems like a TON more configuration and just plain messy.

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Just doing item #2 above should be all you need to do.
So, you create 2 users for yourself. Each one has a different setup, so that one gets email using sms and the other jabber, and of course, they each have different hours of notification, instead of 24/7 for the both of them. Sounds easy to me, go for it.


That would work but is there a better way to do it without using multiple services or contacts. For example I want to have emails sent 24x7 and have pages (sent by sendpage) only during work hours. I want to know if there is a better way to do it than just using multiple contacts for a single user, one for email and the other for pages.