Using NRPE on Solaris


I have a remote Solaris 8 box that I’m trying to monitor. I’ve installed the nrpe-1.9_5-sol9-sparc-local package on the solaris machine. Whenever I try to run a check from the nagios server I get a “Could not complet SSL handshake”. and on the solaris box log it says: "Could not read request from client, bailing out…"
any thoughts.

Thanks in advance


Looks like a SSL problem, and this is all I see about it.
As of this time you will need to have the latest greatest version of
OpenSSL (tested against version 0.9.7a) since not all versions have
the AES algorythm in them.

Personally, I installed nagios on the Solaris boxes and let it run there. They send the results to the central nagios server via nsca. That way, none of the Solaris boxes can be compromised, since they are NOT running a nrped daemon.

Or easier still, is to run the commands via cron on the solaris machines every 5 minutes or so, and send the results via nsca to the central nagios server.

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