/usr/local/nagios/etc didnt get created

Hello guys.

I’m trying to install Nagios for the first time here. The instructions say that bin, etc, sbin, share, var should be created in the /usr/local/nagios/ dir after compiling. All the dirs except /etc/ were created. The instructions further say “Main, resource, object, and CGI configuration files should be put here”. Do I just need to manually create the etc dir and add those configuration files in it?

What might have caused /etc not to be created?

Thanks for your assistance.

When compiling and installing Nagios, you could have executed make install-config (at least, I think that’s the right command), and that would have created the directory and the sample configuration files for you. This is not noted in the 2.x documentation, but if you carefully read the messages Nagios spits back at you while you’re installing, you’d can see it.

Thanks! That worked. Now I just gotta figure out the configs and plugins. The instructions are kinda vague :frowning: