Verbose Debug Logging


I’m running on Nagios Version 2.6.

Is there a way to turn on verbose/debug level logging? I do have the various Initial State, Notification, External Command, etc. logging enabled. Hence my logs contain Alarms, Notifications etc. What it does not contain is information on when it spawns the various plugins.

I’m getting many “(Service Check Timed Out)” errors, which are always followed ten seconds later with an OK on the same service. These service checks are setup for one minute intervals. The service_check_timeout is also set for one minute.

It appears I have two outstanding service checks to the same service within 10 seconds of each other (which I don



I don’t know where to find that (but if you find out, I’d be interested :)).
In the meantime, just a suggestion: rename your script, so that nagios won’t find the file; you’ll see in the eventlog something like “tried to launch, but couldn’t find it” (or anything like that), with the date …
Hence, you will know when nagios tried to launch it.

That’s a bit of a work around, but after all, if it works, that’s all there’s to it :slight_smile: