View http from wireshark log


is there a program that will run through a wireshark .cap network log and reconstruct the web pages viewed and files downloaded during the capture session of the log?


Try “Follow TCP stream” (right click on a HTTP packet) ?


Aye ‘follow TCP stream’ only works on one packet at a time - am I right.

I’d like to see an application that allows you to load a .cap file and access the http like a browser, with forward/backward etc.

Can such a dream be fullfilled?

Thanks, in anticipation.


I think it works for 1 connection.
So perhaps for 1 HTTP request.

Don’t know.

I think there is some programs (perhaps professional programs) that are able to “replay” a network capture.
I do not know the program’s names.
But I’m not sure it is possible to use them to do what you want.