Viewing Nagios on mobile phone?

Hi all,
I must commend the redesign of this site I’m really impressed. The color is unique.

I have some questions which are:

  1. is it possible to view Nagios cgi output on a mobile phone
  2. is it possible to configure notification in this manner, when the nagios check has reached critical threshold and notification is sent every one hr interval and after sending like 20 notifications then it reduces it to like 5 every 2-3 hrs.


To answer #1: Yes. Look here

You could configure Nagios to send a SMS text message to your mobile phone. To get the different time scales working you would probably need to configure Notification Escalations so that for the first 20 hours a text message gets sent every hour and if the problem dosn’t get acknowledged, then it gets escalated (to the same number if need be) with a different time period:

Take a look here --> <–


thanks for your help!!! I really appreciate it.