Voice phone call from Nagios


I decided to share this solution for those who might be interested:


When you use Nagios to monitor a network, Nagios still needs a part of that network to tell you that something is wrong! If your Internet connection goes down, you will never know until the connection comes back up.

So I built a plugin that will use a voice modem to CALL ME when the T1 line goes down. And it uses Festival so it can actually speak.

The script is offered as-is, with no warranty. There is no install script. Some lines will have to be changed to match your system.

See the link for more details.


nice :smiley:


Nice plugin.
I was planning to use a service from Swedish Vodafone that allows you to send SMS to analog telephones with a computer voice.


nice plugin
Can u give us a simple documentation about how to install.that will be more useful and appreciable.
good job done by you