Voice phone calls [No VoIP]


Hey there,

I’m setting up a Nagios installation in my University and I am required to do something but I can’t find any plugins to do it.

We want Nagios to be able to perform a phone call when there is trouble, but not through VoIP with software such as asterisk, but directly through a regular phone. Currently another software (whatsup) is doing that by directly connecting a modem to the server through a serial cable, and a phone connected to the modem through a phone cable. So we could actually move all that stuff to the server where I’m installing Nagios and use it, but the problem is I don’t know how to do it in terms of software. Is there any existing application that can be linked to Nagios and allow me to do that?

Thanks a lot.


can you try wvdial and let me know how it goes?! I need to do the same thing!

linuxquestions.org/questions … it-642465/