Want to configure snmpd.conf in Ubuntu for nagios


I am not able to monitor one of the Ubuntu machines in our network

The host status is DOWN and the host state information report in nagios says in its STATUS INFORMATION column:

CRITICAL - Host unreachable @ rta nan, lost 100%

I need to activate SNMP on Ubuntu so that I am able to monitor the client machine from the nagios server

Please help me ASAP… I need to configure Ubuntu on more than 36 machines and am running out of time!


seriously dude?

you can start out by figuring out why you can’t even ping the host. all the nagios plugin is doing is pinging the host… Do you have a firewall blocking ICMP on your ubuntu? have you tried pinging the host from your nagios server as the nagios user?
“activate snmp on ubuntu”…right. and what are you expecting to get from snmp on your ubuntu machine? you need to write scripts or use existing ‘plugins’ + NRPE to get data from your ubuntu machine(s). You probably dont want to, but you have to read all the docs to see how nagios works…it’s not an snmp poller.


ya the nagios machine is pinging!

I rightly need to activate SNMP on UBUNTU or any other linux machine.

I am using Groundwork Network Monitor Application which has got inbuilt plugins to perform ICMP, SNMP etc. etc. checks.

I can easily activate snmp on Windows machines by going through the services.msc console’s but for UBUNTU I still dont know how…

I am seriously in need of an immediate help!