Want to monitor "port" activity


Dear Friend,

I have configured “Nagios Server” on CentOS 5.2

In my LAN,i have 3 IBM AIX Servers with Network Devices & Switches.

Right Now,i am monitoring “ssh , ping , http” services becasue all services of AIX. Now,i want to monitor AIX Server’s NFS Partition.

If the NFS Server get unmount, immediately i get ERROR on my Nagios web based interface.

Also let me know if i can monitor

AIX Server’s Hard Disk Use, Network In/Out , Physical Memory Use , Swap Memory Use - without installing / configuring SNMP service on AIX OS.

Is it possible?

Advanced Thanks & check attached snap shot to get more details.

Nishith Vyas :smiley:


i think there is a check_nfs plugin around… try googling for it