WARNING status instead of CRITICAL status from printers



I’m monitoring servral printers in our organization.
My problem is that I wish to get WARNING status instead of CRITICAL status from our printers when there is any problem, but I’m not sure how to accomplish this.

Here is some lines from my printer.cfg file:

define service{
	use			generic-service		; Inherit values from a template
                host_name 		B17_C20	
	service_description    	Printer Status		; The service description
	check_command		check_snmp!-C public -o hrDeviceStatus.1 -r "2|3"
	normal_check_interval	10	; Check the service every 10 minutes under normal conditions
	retry_check_interval	1	; Re-check the service every minute until its final/hard state is determined
	notification_interval	                360
	first_notification_delay	120

Thanks in advance /birger


nagiosplug.sourceforge.net/devel … HOLDFORMAT

This might be useful…