Warning through email, Critical through sms



how could I do, easily, so that for one service all the warnings are notified by email and all the critical by sms? And how to do so that for the most important service I receive both warning and critcal through sms and for the least important services I receive both only via email?




Setup contacts for each method, even though they may be the same person, then will be contacted in different ways.
Then place each new contact in the proper contactgroup.
Place the relavent contactgroup as the contact for each service.
So, one contact iwll be “notify-by-email” and the other will be “notify-by-sms” and the other will have both.


Thanks Jakkedup. I thought about that :frowning: I was wondering wether there is a “more elegant” way to do this.

Anyway, with this method, I can’t distinguish between “warning” and “critical”. I could use 2 different definition for the same service: for 1 I can let notify only warning and the other only critical. But this way I would end with duplicated services and contacts definitions.


The service setting is to alert on both w and c. But the contactgroups defined for that service have contacts in them that have the contact info set to get only w alerts, and the other contact gets only c alerts. You only need one service defined. 2 contactgroups and 2 contacts. Contact 1 has a setting for w only. Contact2 has c setting.
Get it now?


Got it, thanks a lot.