Web access problems


I have been using nagios for quite a while, and this is teh first time I have had this problem. The web interface has been working wonderfully well, but all of a sudden, the system was unable to display the host and service data, The error that is seen is this one:


Error: Could not read host and service status information!

nagios is running, there are no errors in the logs, no permissions or ownerships have changed on the system. I can’t think of anything that has changed on the system at all. The cgi directory is ownded by nagios:nagios, and apache is in the nagios group. The permissions on the cgi files and the cgi directory are 775. The log files are similarly all owned by nagios:nagios with read/execute permission for everyone.

There are no errors in the httpd log file either, and ther have been no changes to the webserver.


check for free disk space… it’s a possibility. :slight_smile:
and try stopping nagios, “ps -ef | grep nagios” kill any surviving processes and restart nagios.
Hope it works.


Are you using mysql for information storage? If so, check that out.