Web interface don't update when adding new host


I have to add some host…
So i added it by doing a copy of another host definition and editing some entries, then i restarted both nagios and httpd services.
Nagios started to monitor the new hosts (i’m sure of this, because if i disconnect one of the new hosts, Nagios email me a “host down alert”), but the web interface don’t show the new hosts.
It seems it show only the host i have configured the first time, not the host added later.

con anyone help me?
thanks in advance
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you probably have more than one instance of nagios running.
stop nagios, wait a minute, “ps -ef | grep nagios” kill the resulting processes, start nagios again.



I only have one process of nagios running.
I also tried what you sad, but nothing has changed.

any ideas?
Nagios version is 2.0b2, i have to update to b4?


check the contact groups defined for the new hosts… possibly you missed this and so it doesn’t show up…
but thinking of it you wouldn’t get notified… or are you using different groups? worth a check.



EDIT: removed my configuration

I finally found a solution for this problem.

The problem was that the user nagios (nagios daemon run as nagios) cannot open the file /usr/local/nagios/var/object.cache for write, because the owner was root instead of nagios.

Thanks to all.
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