What are the correct permissions?


Ladies & Gents,

I am new hear. Been using Debian for several years now. I am in the process of building my third linux firewall. I have locked this box down pretty hard, at least good as I am able at my current level of experience.

I tend to be long-winded in my post. Sorry.

The other day, this firewall is still in development and not live, I found in the auth.log that sshd was not able to authenticate localhost.localdomain for some reason. It took me awhile to find out that it is check_ssh that is causing it. The problem is that I have no experience with the configuration of nagios and it’s plugins. I look briefly at the files in /etc/nagios3 but didn’t see a ready answer. My guess is that I have removed the user/group/permissions that check_ssh uses to run so the system won’t authenticate it.

Nagios seams to be working OK except for this check_ssh thing as far as I can tell. Well maybe not. I just took a better look at the email sent by the system to me and there is a entry that states that several things are not making connections to the system. So it seams that I am on the correct tract with needing to reestablish the correct user/permissions for nagios. What are they?