What i need to do ,if i want check disk a remote host


I want check disk,or CPU of remote host, But it not work. After Nagios check remote host, result to me " No output returned from host check "
I don’t know what happen.maybe i don’t have config a agent on remote host.
what something i need do for trouble this problem.


Install pNSClient on your remote NT systems and have it started. then check them again.
If you use Unix systems, I recommed you install NSCA on your unix systems for passive methods.
Try again


can you send to me a document config pNSClient and NSCA step by step?
I can config it, but i don’t know how do config Nrpe daemon or NSCA daemon.


The README file that comes with either of these tells you how to config the daemon’s.


That, and the online documentation is quite extensive as well. You may try reading something by yourself.