Where is [email protected]


Sorry about this post, but I had a link to [email protected] which no longer exists. What gives? Is this the new place to be? I’ve got some issues on a new install of nagios. Anyway, just wondering.


Sorry about the link that was specified above. This is the link I used to browse to: Nagios-forum.co.uk … Where did it go? anyone know?


It (or the hosting service it sits on) had suffered from some DOS attacks, so it’s currently being beefed-up with updated forum software.


So, it will be back up in the near future?


Last I heard from Peter Shankland, the owner of the site sounded very positive. I don’t like to hassle him though so can’t speak for him.


Kept getting porn links, and insurance spam, etc. posted in the forums. Guess it got outa hand.